About The Hairy Builders Blog

This blog was started in 2013 as a way of conveying some of our experience and opinion into an ever changing property development market. Over the years, when working on properties it has often been myself (Liam) that takes the lead on the hands on stuff such as kitchen and bathroom refits and structural work. Alex’s focus, especially over the last few years has tended to be more on the paperwork, project management and decorating. We expect the blog to reflect how our key skills in the industry.

About The Hairy Builders

Alex and I met at university 7 years ago and have been great friends and colleagues ever since. We both started our careers by developing properties and have worked our way up to owning and running our own student lettings company. Now that the business is getting big enough to more-or-less run itself it leaves us with a bit more time to do what we enjoy; surfing, grooming our beards and starting a blog to share our industry experience.

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