When Style Meets Comfort in a Home

Designing an aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable space should be your main goal while you update any living space. Accomplishing the ideal balance of comfort and style can be tricky for some, but with the help of the tips listed below, you’ll be able to create the perfect space that strikes the ideal balance of luxury and snugness.


Add chicness with accents

A creative way to add some chicness to a space is to add style with accent pieces. A few plush pillows on an otherwise plain couch can bring life to the space. You can also dress up a room by incorporating trendy lamps into the design concept. Accessories can add glamour, yet they won’t make a space feel too stiff.

Mix high and low-end furniture

The key to creating a comfortable yet trendy space is to incorporate both high and low-end furniture to the room. Avoid getting only high-end pieces because it would make a space less livable. A home should look like a home, not a luxury hotel.

Don’t match furniture

Matching furniture makes a room feel cookie-cutter and boring, so it’s best to combine different styles when you’re designing your dream home in order to avoid decorating your home like a furniture showroom. Different styles, colours and patterns will breathe life into the home.

Pick comfortable furniture

Before buying furniture, ask yourself whether you like it based solely on its appearance. Don’t buy any furniture that isn’t comfortable because you won’t use it. Instead, the furniture you choose should be both stylish and comfortable. White leather couches might be nice, but would they fit in a home with pets and children?

Play with colour

Colour can add vitality to any room, so try to incorporate bright punchy hues into the space with accents, furniture and art.


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