The Best Era-Inspired Kitchens


Most avid cooks have an era-inspired kitchen deep within their hearts. Before launching into a major renovation to achieve that desired kitchen, consider the cost, convenience, and satisfaction.


According to Coastal Virginia Mag, a minor renovation, meaning the layout of the kitchen remains the same, can cost between £8000 to £15,000. A major renovation includes relocating plumbing and walls and is estimated to be between £15,000 and £34,000. Neither of these estimates include appliances.

The budget will skyrocket if buying retro appliances. Manufacturers have done an excellent job of building modern day conveniences into retro appliances, but they come with a heavy price tag.

Some alternatives:

  • Cover the front of the appliance with wood to match the cabinets.
  • Refurbish an old appliance.
  • Use appliance paint to cover a white appliance in period appropriate colour.


Your era-inspired kitchen may be charming, but it must also be convenient and efficient. Consider using that pull-out flour bin as a trash can or recycling bin. An appliance lift allows a stand mixer to be hidden inside a cabinet and ready for use when needed. A well-built pantry with pull-out shelves behind a period fitting door will provide both style and functionality.


Consider the joy your period-inspired kitchen brings today. Will that pleasure last for several years? Given the expense and time involved in renovating, it is important to choose a kitchen that will delight you for years.

Kitchens are the heart of the home and must be loved by the entire family. If a period-inspired kitchen lives in your soul remember to calculate the cost, convenience and gratification of achieving your dream. Then cook with pleasure in your era-inspired kitchen.


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