How To Make Your Kitchen Child-Friendly

The kitchen is a great place for kids because they can hang out with the family and learn about food and cooking. However, the kitchen also harbors potential dangers for young children so it’s important for parents to make the kitchen child-friendly and safe.


Child-friendly tips
• Safety locks on drawers and the stove. The necessity of these items depends on the age of the child.
• Black or white board. The addition of a black or white board in the kitchen is an excellent idea for children to learn how to make lists for school, keep track of their chores and write down their activities for the week. The board should be positioned so children can reach it easily and safely.
• Child-height furniture. Kids should have chairs, stools and tables that fit their size, whether they use them to do homework, have a snack or help with cooking duties.
• Sharp objects. Keep knives and other dangerous utensils out of reach. That includes knife holders on the countertop and sharp objects in the drawers or hanging from utensil holders. A recent study reported that 36 percent of the 8 million knife-related injuries treated in emergency departments between 1990 and 2008 kitchen were associated with kitchen or cooking knives and that children were more likely than adults to be injured.
• Kid’s drawer. Designate one drawer or low cabinet in the kitchen for your child’s “stuff.” Depending on the age of the child, those items may include child-size utensils, plates, bowls and cooking pans.
• Avoid burns. Use the back burners of your stove and always turn pot handles away from the stove’s edge.

Make your kitchen a safe and welcome place for children and the whole family by following some fun and safety-minded tips.


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