Kitchen DIY My Gran Can Do

Kitchen Cabinets at remodelFor those wanting to enhance the design and style of their kitchen, it can be easy to upgrade the space with DIY projects that are both affordable and fun to do. Not only are the projects easy to perform, but will make for a personalized space that is unique in design.

Repaint Cupboards

To give cupboards an easy upgrade without spending thousands of dollars on new cupboards, it can be easy to sand and restain old wood for a darker finish that is rich and adds more curb appeal to the home. The cupboards can even be painted a bold shade to add a pop of color or resanded after painting them for an antique design, according to
New knobs can be added for an updated look that compliments the color of the cupboards.

Jewellery Magnets
Replace dull and boring magnets with more design by using antique brooches, earrings, and embellishments that can be found at thrift stores to glue onto magnets and use for the grocery list, kids’ artwork, and photos to add to the refrigerator’s surface. Pliers will be needed to disassemble the jewelry without breaking the accessories, according to

His and Her Mugs
For fun, personalized mugs that will complement the decor in any kitchen, it can be easy to make mugs that can be written on with a permanent marker and will permanently stay on the mug, even when washed several times. Simply use two porcelain mugs, draw or write on the surface, and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Avoid using in the dishwasher.
Whether enhancing the decor and style of the kitchen, or adding to it with personalized mugs or jewelry magnets, it can be easy to create a personalized space that is tailored to your taste with several DIY projects.


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