When Style Meets Comfort in a Home

Designing an aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable space should be your main goal while you update any living space. Accomplishing the ideal balance of comfort and style can be tricky for some, but with the help of the tips listed below, you’ll be able to create the perfect space that strikes the ideal balance of luxury and snugness.


Add chicness with accents

A creative way to add some chicness to a space is to add style with accent pieces. A few plush pillows on an otherwise plain couch can bring life to the space. You can also dress up a room by incorporating trendy lamps into the design concept. Accessories can add glamour, yet they won’t make a space feel too stiff.

Mix high and low-end furniture

The key to creating a comfortable yet trendy space is to incorporate both high and low-end furniture to the room. Avoid getting only high-end pieces because it would make a space less livable. A home should look like a home, not a luxury hotel.

Don’t match furniture

Matching furniture makes a room feel cookie-cutter and boring, so it’s best to combine different styles when you’re designing your dream home in order to avoid decorating your home like a furniture showroom. Different styles, colours and patterns will breathe life into the home.

Pick comfortable furniture

Before buying furniture, ask yourself whether you like it based solely on its appearance. Don’t buy any furniture that isn’t comfortable because you won’t use it. Instead, the furniture you choose should be both stylish and comfortable. White leather couches might be nice, but would they fit in a home with pets and children?

Play with colour

Colour can add vitality to any room, so try to incorporate bright punchy hues into the space with accents, furniture and art.


The Best Era-Inspired Kitchens


Most avid cooks have an era-inspired kitchen deep within their hearts. Before launching into a major renovation to achieve that desired kitchen, consider the cost, convenience, and satisfaction.


According to Coastal Virginia Mag, a minor renovation, meaning the layout of the kitchen remains the same, can cost between £8000 to £15,000. A major renovation includes relocating plumbing and walls and is estimated to be between £15,000 and £34,000. Neither of these estimates include appliances.

The budget will skyrocket if buying retro appliances. Manufacturers have done an excellent job of building modern day conveniences into retro appliances, but they come with a heavy price tag.

Some alternatives:

  • Cover the front of the appliance with wood to match the cabinets.
  • Refurbish an old appliance.
  • Use appliance paint to cover a white appliance in period appropriate colour.


Your era-inspired kitchen may be charming, but it must also be convenient and efficient. Consider using that pull-out flour bin as a trash can or recycling bin. An appliance lift allows a stand mixer to be hidden inside a cabinet and ready for use when needed. A well-built pantry with pull-out shelves behind a period fitting door will provide both style and functionality.


Consider the joy your period-inspired kitchen brings today. Will that pleasure last for several years? Given the expense and time involved in renovating, it is important to choose a kitchen that will delight you for years.

Kitchens are the heart of the home and must be loved by the entire family. If a period-inspired kitchen lives in your soul remember to calculate the cost, convenience and gratification of achieving your dream. Then cook with pleasure in your era-inspired kitchen.

How To Make Your Kitchen Child-Friendly

The kitchen is a great place for kids because they can hang out with the family and learn about food and cooking. However, the kitchen also harbors potential dangers for young children so it’s important for parents to make the kitchen child-friendly and safe.


Child-friendly tips
• Safety locks on drawers and the stove. The necessity of these items depends on the age of the child.
• Black or white board. The addition of a black or white board in the kitchen is an excellent idea for children to learn how to make lists for school, keep track of their chores and write down their activities for the week. The board should be positioned so children can reach it easily and safely.
• Child-height furniture. Kids should have chairs, stools and tables that fit their size, whether they use them to do homework, have a snack or help with cooking duties.
• Sharp objects. Keep knives and other dangerous utensils out of reach. That includes knife holders on the countertop and sharp objects in the drawers or hanging from utensil holders. A recent study reported that 36 percent of the 8 million knife-related injuries treated in emergency departments between 1990 and 2008 kitchen were associated with kitchen or cooking knives and that children were more likely than adults to be injured.
• Kid’s drawer. Designate one drawer or low cabinet in the kitchen for your child’s “stuff.” Depending on the age of the child, those items may include child-size utensils, plates, bowls and cooking pans.
• Avoid burns. Use the back burners of your stove and always turn pot handles away from the stove’s edge.

Make your kitchen a safe and welcome place for children and the whole family by following some fun and safety-minded tips.

Kitchen DIY My Gran Can Do

Kitchen Cabinets at remodelFor those wanting to enhance the design and style of their kitchen, it can be easy to upgrade the space with DIY projects that are both affordable and fun to do. Not only are the projects easy to perform, but will make for a personalized space that is unique in design.

Repaint Cupboards

To give cupboards an easy upgrade without spending thousands of dollars on new cupboards, it can be easy to sand and restain old wood for a darker finish that is rich and adds more curb appeal to the home. The cupboards can even be painted a bold shade to add a pop of color or resanded after painting them for an antique design, according to DIYNetwork.com.
New knobs can be added for an updated look that compliments the color of the cupboards.

Jewellery Magnets
Replace dull and boring magnets with more design by using antique brooches, earrings, and embellishments that can be found at thrift stores to glue onto magnets and use for the grocery list, kids’ artwork, and photos to add to the refrigerator’s surface. Pliers will be needed to disassemble the jewelry without breaking the accessories, according to CountryLiving.com.

His and Her Mugs
For fun, personalized mugs that will complement the decor in any kitchen, it can be easy to make mugs that can be written on with a permanent marker and will permanently stay on the mug, even when washed several times. Simply use two porcelain mugs, draw or write on the surface, and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Avoid using in the dishwasher.
Whether enhancing the decor and style of the kitchen, or adding to it with personalized mugs or jewelry magnets, it can be easy to create a personalized space that is tailored to your taste with several DIY projects.

Hope For The Future Of The Solar Industry

It seems so many good men and women
Have given a part of their lives
To an industry waiting to grow
An industry waiting to prosper

What’s in a name?
Uprooted and transplanted
Segregated behind walls
With no chance of cross-pollination

We stay strong and look forward
Toward the sun
Because we know this to be right
And we anticipate the future